The year I worked in Italy it was so freaking hot. It was 2003, and there was a crazy heat wave blasting Europe. The routine was I would wake up, grab breakfast on the way into work (succo d’arancia spremuto and a cornetto), prep, sit with the family and eat, cook, clean, nap, gelato, work, prep, sit with the family and eat, cook, clean, gelato, go to bed. It was rough. Anyways, there was a week when the family was in Sicily and me and the other students were running things. It was so hot, all we could make ourselves eat was prosciutto e melone. That was fine with me.

Well, it just so happens that peaches are just as delicious with prosciutto. But, I made things SLIGHTLY more complex.

Here’s what you need:

super thin sliced prosciutto di parma



creme fraiche

olive oil, cracked black pepper, salt

First, dry out a few slices of prosciutto on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Like 1-200 degrees, I don’t even turn my oven on. The pilot light is hot enough. If you have a oven that is more modern than my 50’s era Wedgewood, set it to low or 200f. Leave in in there until it is dry and crisp, but not burnt.

Now, let’s talk about creme fraiche. If you can’t find it you have two choices. You can make some if you have time or use sour cream (but get the good stuff). If’n you want to make it, it is super easy. 4 cups heavy cream + 1 cup buttermilk. Mix them together, cover with plastic, let it sit out overnight. Seriously. It will be thick by lunch time.

Cut the peaches into big juicy chunks. Season them with olive oil, salt, and cracked black pepper.

To assemble put a few peaches on the plate. Then a leaf of basil and a slice of the not crispy prosciutto.FoodByTom_8.5.2014_24

Next, a drizzle of creme fraiche.


A couple more pieces of basil, and the crisp prosciutto chip on top.

Pretty simple but satisfying.