Plan one hour and fifteen minutes for today’s prep. Make sure to put the hot fudge sauce someplace you can’t reach it—or there won’t be any left for your feast on Saturday.

Hot Fudge Sauce
.5 cup chocolate chips
1t corn syrup
.5 cup cream

Warm everything up together. you don’t even need to boil it. But, just make sure you whisk it until it is smooth and homogenous.

Smoke the barley (if you want)


– Put some barley in a small metal bowl inside of a large metal bowl.
– Put some hickory or apple wood chips inside of the larger bowl.
– Set the chips ablaze with a torch.


After the chips are burning, blow out the fire. There should just be thick white smoke. I recommend doing this under heavy ventilation or better yet, outside. Anyways, wrap the bowls up tight in plastic. You can also use foil if the plastic melts, but then you won’t be able to see what’s going on.

Pea Puree
1.5 cup fresh peas
1 cup milk
Pinch salt
1t olive oil
1T fresh tarragon

– Simmer the peas and tarragon in milk until they are tender.
– Purée in a blender until they are silky smooth.
– Pour the purée into a bowl on top of an ice bath to chill quickly and maintain color.

  • Tom